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Wow. It's easy to see, based on the last few real entries I had… - Exit, pursued by a bear.
(No Demons were actually hurt in the making of this journal.)

It's easy to see, based on the last few real entries I had here, why I haven't been back to Livejournal. It represents a span/period of my life where I was extremely happy, right up until the point where I wasn't.

My life seems to go in these cycles and now, looking back, it's hard for me to blame anyone but myself for this seemingly perpetual cycle.

In 2007 I graduated from York, and my engagement ended. I moved to Alberta, got into grad school, and launched my career in the games industry at BioWare.

8 years later I'm still plugging away. I'm not with BioWare anymore (or EIDOS, the studio I went to after them), but I'm still working in the industry. My current studio is a smaller one called Behaviour, in downtown Montreal. I'm working as the principle writer/narrative designer on Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade.

My team is fantastic, the project and the IP are great to work on, and all in all things are pretty good.

Could they be better? Sure, complacency has never been something I ascribe to, or something I ever want to master. Where do I see myself in 5 years? Hard to say. Living in Quebec as an Anglo isn't the easiest thing, but it's not as hard for me as it might be for some. I mean I'm still me and that tends to colour the way people treat me rather significantly (white, male, giant, privilege.)

I find myself missing some of my LJ friends, especially now that Facebook is my primary social media source and not all of you "made the jump". Unfortunately I can't reach out to all of you as, with growing privacy concerns, many of you have switched your accounts to friends only for posting.

But if you're reading this, know that I was curious enough about how you're doing to make a note here, and you can always track me down on Facebook (my details on my info page)

And know that I appreciate all the conversations, comments, and discussions we had over the years that Livejournal was a standard part of my daily life.


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